A selection of comments made by our listeners following performances.

"You made the bells sing"

"You were wonderful yet again, and we didn't know whether to dance or sing"

"Thank you to all the bell-ringers for their continued support - it is very much appreciated and enjoyed"

"We are used to hearing one speaker at our meetings, so it was lovely to have eight people entertaining us.  You concentrated so well and you felt the music through the bells"

"You really improved 'We Three Kings' by jazzing it up"

"Thank you for a wonderful concert.  Everyone enjoyed the music, your skills and your sense of humour"

"I hadn't realised that handbells were so musical, or that they could produce such a range of different sounds"

"I was blown away by your skill and by the beautiful sounds that the bells made"

"You sounded like an orchestra.  Thank you all for taking time to explain and demonstrate the handbells to our members, and for your introductions and background on the group"

"Ukranian Bell Carol sent a tingle down the back"

"It's lovely to hear bells rung as they should be rung"

I was pleased you could ring quietly, as I'd expected you to be very loud"

"Everyone enjoyed your varied programme of music"

"You gave us a splendid musical entertainment.  So many people said how much they had enjoyed your music and your explanation about the pieces and about your challenges as handbell ringers"

I've heard handbells before, but you make such a beautiful sound"

"I enjoyed your conductor's introductions to the pieces, as concerts are often solely music".

"Your sound was gentler and more musical than I'd expected".

"I expected a harder sound from the Bells"

"I'd never heard handbells before, they were absolutely lovely."

"Thank you for your marvellous performance.  All enjoyed the evening"

"I had not known what to expect.  I thought you might be very loud but you made a wonderful sound"

"I was gobsmacked.  I don't know how you do it".